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Project management Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Project management - Research Paper Example Project management is also governed by time allocated to achieve a specific goal or objective. A proper management activity involves attaining of a goal within a specific time allocated for the completion of the activities. In management of projects, creation, implementation and measurement of results determine the effectiveness of a project management strategy (Lock, 2007). Additionally, project management involves the creation of outstanding technical skills and distinct management strategies. Each project management objective has a concept phase that has general guidelines regardless of the set goals and objectives. The concept phase in project management involves; Development of the concept statement Completion of the business analysis Review of the project concept Project concepts are principles on which a project is based. In any project management activity concepts refer to the guidelines which are set aside for mangers to follow. For instance, there is a concept which require s originality or reliable sources to be used in the creation of assumptions and results. According to Cooke-Davies (2002) project management concepts create the guidelines which govern the direction of decision making by project managers. The author further argues that project management concepts change depending on the scope of the project portfolio. For instance, the concepts used in project management portfolio in psychology and business may not be similar (Lock, 2007). History The implementation of project management strategies in organizations dates back to the 1950s. Prior to this development, engineering projects in the 1900 were controlled by engineers, master builders and architects. In the 1950, organizations started practicing complex project management project in civil engineering. In words by Loch (2000) these complex civil engineering projects required more than just supervising from experienced architects. The author further argues that the activities involved in the projects required single project management capabilities that had to be monitored in each phase. This created the concepts that initialized the activities involved in project management. Project management then grew as a discipline to other fields like heavy defense activity, construction and engineering. In the growth of project management two figures played a major role in this particular growth. They are Henri Fayol and Henry Gantt. At the same time there were also developments in project scheduling models, cost management strategies, technology of cost estimating and engineering economics. The growth of project management was further boosted by the creation of the American Association of Cost Engineers. This body aided in cost estimation strategies, cost estimating, planning and scheduling portfolios (Stevens, 2002). In 1969, there was the creation of project management institute in the USA. The body publishes A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge which is describe s the practices used in most projects and often (Dinsmore, 2005). Project management basics There are five basic of project management. These five basics are connected together strategically to bring out the whole process of project management. These five basics are represented in the diagram below. The process commences at initializing which involves project feasibility and project initiating. Then the process advances to planning which includes formulating of schedule task lists,

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Reading Responses 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Reading Responses 3 - Essay Example As the story proceeds, Leo reads Harry’s personal letters which greatly angers harry and he threatens to kill his father. Harry goes to the beach and does not intend to return back home even when his father pleads to him. The story ends when his father runs after his hat and Harry stands motionlessly with his feet in the water. The readers are able to understand the position of both father and son as both of them take turns in narrating the story. The School: The story is set in a classroom which has witnessed a lot of deaths in the course of the year. Plants, pets, and even children from the classroom had died and the story shows the dialogue between the students and their instructor. The language used in the story is very simple and conversational which readily grasps the readers’ interest and attention. The narrator of the story is the teacher, through whose conversation the readers come to know about the deaths linked to that classroom. By the end of the story, the teacher is asked different questions regarding the reality of death and life which he is unable to answer properly. I believe that the story is more than just a narration. It tells about the cycle of life and the bitter reality that everything that dies is replaced and the cycle continues.

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Health Care Delivery System in the United States Essay Example for Free

Health Care Delivery System in the United States Essay Introduction: The problem: Access to health care physically and financially, healthcare system in today’s society has failed to provide quality care for the U.S. Americans. There are so many ways that the system falls short in providing proper care. The healthcare is mainly based on the government to provide care for a particular group of people according to their income and not everyone has the same treatment, some having to pay for care through some type of insurance premium. When looking at this system of care, families are all dealing with the same issues in relations to not getting the treatment and quality care that they need. Many providers is having to see more patients in clinics than anticipated in terms causes a shorter visit with patients to address any kind of concerns and with uncoordinated care this leads to decrease in quality care of patients. High risk patients could be an issue for providers, because of the risk of malpractice, and increase of having malpractice insurance therefore providers are reluctant to see these patients which causes the patients to have less options for treatment choices. Healthcare Expenditure: this will continue to increase and families will continue to struggle and stress over how they will pay their medical bills. Healthcare systems are not slowing down on their costs and most of them are not willing to give families an efficient healthcare system for a better quality of care. The healthcare expenditures are increasing and the families incomes are not sufficient to compensate which makes this so stressful and hard for families to afford. When looking at the pharmaceutical spending, this has increased drastically. Medications is continuing to increase in costs, therefore, families are not able to get medications that are needed for care. Quality of care: has been a proven factor to be declined, patients with chronic and long term disease are not getting the therapy and drug regimen that is needed to give them a better quality of life. Many elderly patients and patients with disabilities are not able to receive homecare services that are needed to assist them with care. This is an ongoing battle with many American families who are uninsured as well as insured families. Care is not being coordinated and managed for patients with long term and chronic illnesses. Internal Factors: finance and delivery systems should be combined, both of these factors work together for the improvement of each other. Delivery system and payments are declined because the quality and effectiveness are not valued in the healthcare system therefore we have less quality of care and increasing in costs. Without improvements in these two areas the healthcare system will continue to fail in providing a more efficient system for our families and ou t-of-pocket payments are burdening families and care is being refused, emergency rooms are overflowing and office visits are declining. External Factors: The development of new technology affecting the healthcare system in ways as such advance equipment to treat certain diseases that wasn’t offered in the past and patients are not able to afford the treatment because of the increase in costs. Many advance technology procedures are performed in surgery that is consuming our incomes. Patients with chronic diseases are not able to receive the care because of new technology and the price increase that goes with the technology. Solution to health care access physically and financially, According to (Nichols, 2007) all Americans must take on a responsibility for their own health and the health of their children. This means having policies established which would be affordable for American families and polices established to assist the families who need financial assistant in acquiring an insurance policy. Guidelines also must be followed with this plan with the responsibility of the individual and the insurance comp any. This would be balanced to assist families with affordable insurance and benefit the insurance market that would create a quality delivery system as well as cost efficient. The responsibilities to the family is following the guidelines and policy, maintaining their health by having their yearly check-ups, scheduling routine appointments to see their provider as necessary when a problem may arise and maintaining their insurance coverage. The shared responsibilities is the insurance companies provide a stable plan that will improve the delivery system by making American families a priority with having access to a health care system in which quality care is provided and affordable to the family. Solution to health care expenditure, Preventive measures and promoting health can help with health care spending. Management of long –care diseases and establishing a good foundation with advance health technology well build better patient satisfaction, along with cost effectiveness. The reforms improvements values is not a routine step, many believe that the change in delivery systems may decrease the costs, but some feel that it should be more stable in costs by establishing guidelines that are more promising and effective. These guidelines and policies should be put in place to improve the health care system.(brennan, cafarella, kocot, mckethan, morrison, nguyen, shepherd and Williams,2009). Solution to quality of care, According to (fingado), electronic health record system will allow a continuum of patient care for better quality and manageable coordination to patient records. When coordinating patient care all systems must be involved to get a better outcome. Health care systems through health care electronic employee record helps with continuation of patient care and prepare better management plans. This health care system also allow staff to advance knowledge through training and exercise to improve better patient care outcome. Why my response is correct, Me as a health care professional have witness patients who are non-compliance regarding their health and working with uninsured families have different outcomes than patients who is compliance with preventive care usually are in better physical health than families who are not. There are many preventive measures that families can initiate better health, exercising on a regular basis, selecting healthier choices in diet menu, seeking preventive care as necessary, and be in compliance with treatment regimen, prevent bad habits such as smoking and alcohol abuse. Patients who maintain good health behaviors usually have better outcomes during surgical procedures, healing process is less and better outcomes with other treatment plans. Conclusion, according to our reading, Americans should have an effective health care system where families are provided with safe care and an affordable health care plan for the continuum of care. Explanation is given how many patients visit their health care provider and usually never see their primary care provider and how care should be directed toward patient satisfaction. Our reading mentions The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that extends health care plans to primary care that would benefit most Americans to having a better outcome and assessing why acute visits happen so frequently. According to (Thorpe and ogden,2010) excessive spending is being directed towards Fee-For-Service where the main focus is on the amount of patient being seen and costs instead of patient care improvements. The new health reform law is establishing changes to remove this system away from Medicare and other payers. References Niall Brennan, Nichole Cafarella, S. Lawrence Kocot, Aaron Mckethan, Marisa Morrison, Nadia Nguyen, Mark Shephard and Reginald D. Wiliams. (2009). improving quality value in the U.S. Health Care System. Retrieved August 2009, from Nichols, L. M. (2007). A Sustainable Health System for all Americans. Retrieved July 2007, from Thorpe, K. E., Ogden, L. L. (2010, June 2010). Analysis Commentary The Foundation That Health Reform Lays For Improved Payment, Care Coordination, And Prevention. Health Affairs, 29,6, 1183.

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The right to live, the right to die. Essay -- Euthanasia Essays

Euthanasia, along with all other forms of medical involvement concerning the ending of human life has been a subject of great controversy for some time, dating back to the times of Socrates, and is a topic which has long attracted the attention of both medical and legal professionals, ethicists, and is often brought up in general public debate (Huxtable & Campbell, 2003) The term euthanasia derives from the Greek 'eu', which means 'good', and 'thanatos', meaning 'death' (Ladd, 1979). In a medical context, the Hippocratic Oath popularly believed to be undertook by all practising physicians suggests all medical practitioners will endeavour to ensure all patients' well being, it is all too easy to misinterpret the oaths' meaning in order to manipulate and justify actions that would otherwise be deemed unethical; specifically for the act of euthanasia. This essay will discuss the arguments both for and against euthanasia, with careful consideration given to all aspects related to the debate. Perhaps the most well known arguments in the euthanasia debate are that of the sanctity of life, of which holds palpable religious connotations which will be further discussed; the ending of suffering or 'low quality of life'; and the respect for patient autonomy (Huxtable & Campbell, 2003). In terms of extremities of the euthanasia debate spectrum, the Church of England (2000) have published a document greatly opposing euthanasia, whilst on the other hand, Otlowski (1997) has thoroughly researched and published an analysis of the law with the ultimate aim of ensuring euthanasia as a legal option. In terms of a religious perspective, and for purposes of extended clarity; Christian views, there is much contradiction to be found regarding euth... ...ts will invariably disagree with utilitarianists, and visa-versa, thus deeming all cases as requiring ethical investigation on an individual scale. Seemingly similar cases may have entirely different circumstances altogether, and may or may not have different outcomes. Although religion can play a major role in many cases of euthanasia, it is unlikely witnessing a relative suffering chronic untreatable pain will override any alleged desire to prolong life longer than required; however, certain circumstances often provide members of some religions with no other choice, for example, as in the case of Jehovah's Witnesses, where blood transfusion is not allowed. In conclusion to the available evidence, case studies and theoretical aspects of euthanasia, it can be argued that whilst people have the inherent right to live, they also have the right to die with dignity.

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Comparing Two Advertisements Essay

In this essay I will compare two advertisements both of which are marketing motor vehicles. Both of these advertisements are presented on a single page but one is promoting a Nissan X-Trail jeep and the other a Fiat Seicento 2Tone car. I chose to compare these two advertisements, as they are both similar in a way that they are promoting motor vehicles. Both advertisements were found in glossy page magazines. The Seicento 2Tone I found in a â€Å"HELLO† magazine, which is read by both men and women of all ages. The Nissan X-Trail I found in a local magazine that again both woman and men of all ages read. The target audiences for the two advertisements differ. The Seicento 2Tone has many aspects that appeal to the female reader, more so then it would to the male reader. Likewise, with the Nissan X-Trail although the target audience could be male or female, it would seem to interest the men more because of the bolder sporty layout. The layout on the Fiat Seicento 2Tone is very soft and simple looking, as pale delicate colours have been used to give it a very gentle feel. The colours and background colour of the whole advertisement is very simplistic with the dull silver and slight orange trim around the car. It is very subtle, soft and feminine in contrast to the Nissan X-Trail, which is very colourful with an almost dark and rugged texture to its paper. The shining silver of the jeep, with its dark blacked out windows, gleams against the dark background with a splash of bright colour on the right hand side behind the jeep for the sporty gear, instantly appealing to the adventurous sporty type. The Fiat Seicento 2Tone appeals to the women because of its soft gentle appearance and the box with the two cars implying a pair of boots is placed at the top of the page, very large, leading down to the slinky title â€Å"Kinky Boots† automatically attracting a female readers interest and posibly mens interest as well. The title kinky boots also relates to the motto â€Å"Driven by Passion† which is appealing to women’s emotions more so than men. The second advertisement, the Nissan X-Trail, appeals more to the men because of its â€Å"Real Life Computer Game† which subtly implies an action packed ride. The image of the jeep in the Nissan X-Trail is placed in the middle of the single page, on a slant giving an off road impression. It is the main feature with most of the attention drawn to it, whereas the Fiat Seicento 2Tone is placed at the top of the page, with a wider spread surrounding. The setting of each advertisement has a similar connection to the type of car and the audience they are persuading. The Nissan X-Trail has a jam packed page full of colours and images just like an action packed computer game, in contrast to the Fiat Seicento 2Tone, which has a very unadorned almost quiet like setting with very appealing titles, logo’s and mottos to attract the readers attention. Another great aspect that attracts the female reader to the Fiat Seicento 2Tone advertisement is the use of persuasive, chatty and witty language, which would amuse the reader as well as making contact with them, by using a friendly and informal tone and style. Throughout the text sex appeal has been included for example, â€Å"turn a few heads† meaning catch people attention as you would with fashion and clothing. â€Å"Designed with exquisite details† almost like a designer dress that would stand out as the car would. â€Å"Metallic paint, matching interior trim and body, colour co-ordinated features† giving the gist that everything fits in and is matching like an out fit would. They then continue to say you could â€Å"look drop dead gorgeous† with a whole range of extra’s just for i 6199, â€Å"go on, treat yourself† as if they were talking about an item of clothing or makeup. All this would instantly attract and appeal to the female reader, whereas in the Nissan X-Trail aspects that attract the male reader to the advertisement are more male orientated features. With help of the text and language used the male â€Å"real life computer game† effect is enhanced. Short, simple sentences are used for emphasis on aspects related to the jeep. It also keeps the male readers attention as opposed to long complex sentences. It compares the car to a computer game, whereas, the Fiat car is being compared with fashion. To achieve this they used figures, mechanical and technical details, â€Å"the smooth control of a 2. 5l 180hp engine with multi mode 4WD system. † This would more than likely attract the men and create an imaginary game through driving the jeep. â€Å"Forget loading a hard drive, forget 3-D animation† meaning forget all that indoor computer fantasy life, drive the Nissan X-Trail and live the game real life or even â€Å"reboot your life. † The X-trail advertisement seems to appeal towards a male audience even though they use repetitiveness with rhythm of verse. As there are three very short stanzas in the Nissan X-Trail, all full of energy and power, it’s effective and can help to persuade the audience similar to the Fiat Seicento 2Tone with the chatty and witty informal tone. Both the Nissan X-Trail and the Fiat Seicento 2Tone use adjectives and modern language to persuade the reader. The Seicento 2Tone uses play on words such as, â€Å"Kinky Boots†, as the word ‘boots’ is cleverly linked to the image of the two cars parked next to a large shoebox. The word ‘kinky’ is a very seductive word, again introducing sex appeal. On the other hand the Nissan X-Trail does not use such obvious means of sex appeal, so instead use bold eye catching phrases. Weather it’s a monotone background with big, brash and bold white heading or an elegant refined orange heading both emphasis the subjects of both advertisements Both of the advertisements give some sort of detail, whether it is price, contact numbers or e-mail address they both give a different variety. I think that because the Nissan X-Trail was found in a local magazine there is no price list or finance offers. These are in fact found in the Fiat Seicento 2Tone as the magazine it is advertised in is found throughout the world; therefore it is open to a lot more readers and buyers. In both the advertisements there are telephone numbers and website addresses for people to contact for further information. Similarly both the advertisements have motto’s and logo’s not just advertising the car but the company itself for anyone who is interested in buying a car if its not particularly the one shown in the advertisement. At the bottom of the Fiat Seicento 2Tone there is an extra section of text in small font giving more detail about prices and payments and buying requirements. As opposed to in the Nissan X-Trail, there are no extra details. Personally, I think that both advertisements are effective but perhaps the Fiat Seicento 2Tone is more persuasive and appealing to the reader. I think this because of its informal witty sense from the text and the use of seductive feminine language. However, I think that overall the image and sense you achieve form the Nissan X-Trail is more inviting and appealing because of its boldness and adventure. I think that in an advertisement it is more important to persuade your reader then to attract them. If the advertisement has persuaded the reader, it has more that likely already attracted them. To further extent, I would conclude in saying that it is more important to be persuaded and attracted rather then just informed. I find that the Fiat Seicento 2Tone possesses both attraction and persuasion. I believe it has a greater impact and effect on the audience so; consequently it is the most successful.

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Dawson Lumber Company Limited Essay - 1516 Words

Objective National Bank of Canada (NBC or the Bank) is tasked with the decision to review Dawson Lumber Company Limiteds (Dawson) request for an increase in its line of credit up to the amount of $10.8mm. Dawson intends to finance inventory and receivables with the line of credit. NBC must remain cognizant of the competitive landscape of the lumber industry and assess whether a focus on the retail segment is beneficial to Dawsons strategic plan. Given that Dawson is one of the regions largest borrowers, NBC must be careful in how it manages this relationship. The Bank cannot afford to turn away NBCs business. However, extending Dawson additional credit may increase Dawsons default risk and jeopardize the potential for NBC†¦show more content†¦Canadian Retail Hardware and Home Improvement Industry Analysis This industry, although more attractive than the lumber industry, has its own inherent flaws . The Canadian retail hardware and home improvement industry can be characte rized by high degree of rivalry, mainly due to a large number of players competing over products of low differentiation and incurring high fixed costs. Furthermore, due to low switching costs, high information, and price sensitivity, buyers are not loyal and have high bargaining power relative to retailers. Additionally, the medium threat and power of large new entrants and suppliers adds to the industrys unattractiveness. Company Overview Dawson was founded in the 1870s and has remained a private business since inception. Located in Ontario, Canada, its operations have been focused on three regions: Ottawa, primarily an urban market, Cornwall, a rural market, and Kingston, partially a resort and partially an urban market. During the last 3 years Dawsons net sales have increased considerably (21% in 1997; and 38% in 1998) putting great pressure on the way the company finances its working capital (WK). This situation is intensified by seasonal sales, typical of the construction industry. In September of 1998, Dawson pursued a strategy of forward integrating into theShow MoreRelatedDawson Lumber Company Limited1550 Words   |  7 Pages(NBC or the Bank) is tasked with the decision to review Dawson Lumber Company Limited s (Dawson) request for an increase in its line of credit up to the amount of $10.8mm. Dawson intends to finance inventory and receivables with the line of credit. NBC must remain cogniz ant of the competitive landscape of the lumber industry and assess whether a focus on the retail segment is beneficial to Dawson s strategic plan. Given that Dawson is one of the region s largest borrowers, NBC must be carefulRead MoreDawson Lumber Company1182 Words   |  5 Pagesbusiness: Dawson Lumber Company Nature of the business: Wholesale Lumber Business Marketing Analysis: The Dawson Lumber Company was founded in the 1870s by the Dawson family to market the lumber on their land. In 1950, Dawson Lumber owned four small lumber yards in the Corn wall area, each operating as a separate company. However, in 1965, J.H. Dawson became president and amalgamated the four companies into the Dawson Lumber Company. The company had acquired seven more lumber yards northRead Morelaw of contract11640 Words   |  47 Pagesto the usual course of things from such breach of contract itself, or b) such special circumstances as may reasonably be supposed to have been in the contemplation of both parties at the time they made the contract Horne v. The Midland Railway Company Facts: P contracted to manufacture and deliver shoes. Gave notice to stationmaster but deliver late. Special circumstances must be indicated if the P hopes to recover exceptional damages Victoria Laundry Facts: D sold P boilers and deliveredRead MoreHistory Grade 10 Exam Review6476 Words   |  26 Pages * June 17 ïÆ'   eight members were arrested ïÆ'   planned mass rally June 21 * The crowd pushed a streetcar over ïÆ'   one man killed 30 injured ïÆ'   Bloody Saturday * Branch Plant * A factory or business owned and controlled by a larger company in another country * Model T * Model T became a popular car because of low price, cheap (mass production) and easy maintenance * It had many problems like brittle axles, stuck in the mud (as there weren’t that many paved roads),Read MorePrinciples of Microeconomics Fifth Canadian Edition20085 Words   |  81 PagesDenesiuk Harris Production Service: MPS Limited, a Macmillan Company Copy Editor: June Trusty Proofreader: Barbara Storey Indexer: David Luljak Senior Production Coordinator: Ferial Suleman Design Director: Ken Phipps Managing Designer: Franca Amore Interior Design Modifications: Peter Papayanakis Cover Design: Dianna Little Cover Images: (Edmonton): Design Pics/ Fotosearch; (clouds): Larentz Gullachson/Getty Images Compositor: MPS Limited, a Macmillan Company Printer: RR Donnelley COPYRIGHT  © 2011Read MoreIntroduction to Materials Management169665 Words   |  679 PagesJeff Vanik Production Manager: Deidra M. Schwartz Director of Marketing: David Gesell Marketing Manager: Jimmy Stephens Marketing Assistant: Alicia Dysert This book was set by GGS Book Services. It was printed and bound by R. R. Donnelley Sons Company. The cover was printed by Phoenix Color Corp. Copyright  © 2008, 2004, 2001, 1998, 1996, 1991 by Pearson Education, Inc., Upper Saddle River, New Jersey 07458. Pearson Prentice Hall. All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. This

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“Swot Analysis of Project Management in Bangladesh”

â€Å"SWOT Analysis of Project Management in Bangladesh† August 11, 2012 Shah Md-Al-Emran Faculty of Business Administration ASA University Bangladesh Subject: Submission of â€Å"SWOT Analysis of Project Management in Bangladesh †. Sir, We are pleased to submit my report onâ€Å"SWOT Analysis of Project Management in Bangladesh†. . This report is a part of Project Management (MGT411) to complete our BBA program. We have prepared this report under the instruction of you. Though it was a tough job but it’s a great pleasure to perform the task and it enrich my knowledge. We have given our sincere effort to complete the report. We don’t copy anything from anywhere. Finally we are submitting the report and will be grateful if you kindly†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¢ To determined the investment opportunities. †¢ To describe the resource utilization of project in Bangladesh. †¢ To estimate the challenges of project management in Bangladesh. Specific objectives: There are some specific objectives which are given below: †¢ To determine the strength of project in Bangladesh. †¢ To systematic, planning and organizing control of project. †¢ Information about strategic information of project. †¢ Identify the problems of project management in Bangladesh. D. Methodology: We have use two methodology to prepare our term paper, these are given below: 1) Primary data 2) Secondary data Primary data: primary data is collected from the following way: †¢ Face to face conversation with different project managers and personnels Secondary data: Secondary data is taken by using following sources: †¢ Information from different articles about project management in Bangladesh †¢ Information from the book of project management. †¢ Research data about project management. E. Limitations Limitations which we have faced while we are preparing this report are given below: †¢ Lack of information. †¢ Lack of co-operation of different project personnel. †¢ Lack of knowledge. †¢ Limited time for collect data. Chapter 2: project management A. Project Management Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, securing, managing,Show MoreRelatedMy Personal Swot Analysis854 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction: SWOT analysis is a strategic planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project or in a business venture. The aim of any SWOT analysis is to identify the key internal and external factors that are important to achieving the objective. The internal factors may be viewed as strengths or weaknesses depending upon their impact on the organizations objectives. What may represent strengths with respect to one objective may be weaknessesRead MoreBangladesh Economy: a Swot Analysis3420 Words   |  14 Pages[2010] [Bangladesh Economy: A SWOT Analysis] Course Title: HRM 501 Submitted to: Lieutenant General Mohd. Aminul Karim MBA Program BRAC University Prepared by: Nushrat Sharmin ID # 09264022 MBA Program Summer 2010 Semester Introduction This paper aims to examine Bangladeshs overall economy with special focus on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT) analysis. The research has found that Bangladesh is going to encounter series of economic hurdles in near future. Over the lastRead MoreA Brief Note On The Country Prime Financial Institution For Supporting Private Sector Essay1088 Words   |  5 Pages2.3 Vision of BDBL To emerge as the country prime financial institution for supporting private sector industrial and other projects of great significance to the country’s economic development. Also be active in commercial banking by introducing new lines of product and providing excellent services to the customers. 2.4 Mission of BDBL †¢ To be compete with other banks Financial institutions in rendering services †¢ To contribute to the country’s socio economic development by identifying new profitableRead MoreGrameenphone1473 Words   |  6 Pagesearly nineties, when Telenor decided to expand thetr operation into the Eastern European market. In the nintes they focused on south Asian market, starting with Bangladesh in 1996 and moving later into Thailand, Malaysia. Telenor entered into BD in joint venture with Grameen telecome- Telenor(62%) and Grameen telecome (38%). PESTLE analysis: 1.Social Initiatives The Grameenphone Community Information Center is a shared premiseRead MoreAcknowledgement Essay2279 Words   |  10 PagesDear Sir, Prof. Dr. Serajul Hoque Lecturer in Marketing, Faculty of Business ASA University Bangladesh Sub: Submission of a Assigment. It is my pleasure to submit the assigment report on â€Å"AKIJ GROUP†. So I prepared Report about â€Å"AKIJ GROUP† as a partial requirement for fulfillment of MBA. I have collected primary amp; secondary data from the respected related respondents amp; finally analyzed the information to prepare this Report to place before you for your kind approval. IRead MoreImproving Access to Safe Water in Bangladesh2835 Words   |  11 PagesEVALUATING THE SOURCES OF FRESHWATER RESOURCES TO IMPROVE ACCESS TO SAFE WATER IN BANGLADESH OVERVIEW Access to safe and reliable drinking water is a long-standing problem in developing countries, and it was identified as a major target in the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. But, even the recent data indicate that close to 900 million people lack access to a safe and sustainable source of drinking water. The access to safe water is affected by temporal differences in availability ofRead MoreOverview of SQUARE pharmaceuticals LTD2777 Words   |  12 Pagesï » ¿ Introduction: Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (SPL) has been the trendsetter in Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Market since its inception in 1958. Over the last decade SPL actually rose to a new standard moving beyond manufacturing quality medicines to win mindshare of patients, physicians, shareholders, business partners, and communities where we work and live. Our dedication to addRead MoreAnalitical Analysis on British American Tobacco3080 Words   |  13 PagesBUS 101 PROJECT SUBMITTED TO : NOOR-E-HASNIN SECTION: 06 SUBMITTED BY : 1. RUSHMIAN ANNOY WADUD (1410221643) 2. SERAJUS SALEHIN (1511397630) 3. HASAN MUSTAFA TARIQUE (1510270630) 4. FARHAN HASAN (1510199630) 5. MD. ARIFUL ISLAM (1230423026) Acknowledgment We owe our profound gratitude to our course instructor Ms. Noor-E-Hasnin (NEH), who took keen interest on our project work and guided us all along, till the completion of our project work by providing all the necessaryRead MoreVending Machine5083 Words   |  21 PagesImportance of Maintainance amp; Insurance e.Execution f.Monitor g.Evaluation 4. Industry Overview and Analysis...................................................................................... 15 4.1. PEST Analysis.......................................................................................................... 15 3.3. Industries SWOT...................................................................................................... 16 5. Core CompetitorsRead MoreUnilever Bangladesh Ltd. Bus 1013222 Words   |  13 PagesFINAL PROJECT Unilever Bangladesh Faculty Member: Nadia Asraf (NAF) Course BUS 101, Sec 9 Submitted by: Shah Asif, Id: 081170030 Sabrina Akther -1210680030 Sufia Akhter Suma-1130043030 Rubiya Jahan Chowdhury -1210677030 Date: 15-04-2012 NORTH SOUTH UNIVERSITY Table of Contents Titles | Page Number | Executive Summary | 5 | Introduction | 6 | SWOT Analysis | 6 | Functional Management in Uniliver Bangladesh ltd | 10 | Promotional Strategies and Tools | 13 | Conclusion | 16 | Reference